Weather, Sluices & Co

Find out about the current weather, sluices, patrols and shooting-areas

With Portmaps you are always up to date about the weather and the wave high. Useful are also the information about sluices, petrol stations and shooting-areas – each with exact location at the map.

Weather: Portmaps shows the current weather all over the world at land and sea. Zoom in and you get accurate temperature-, wind- and rainfall- information for each place. Very useful is also the information about wave high on the seas. The weather data updates automatically and can be shown for the next two days.

Sluices: Here you can see where sluices are located. With a click on a particular sluice-icon important information such as the exact location or contact data will be shown.

Petrol stations: Petrol-icons on the map show where you can refuel your boat. With one click you can find out the exact location, types of fuel, etc.

Shooting-areas: With Portmaps you can move on the water secure, because you can avoid shooting-areas – these areas are shown on the map in red color (in the North and Baltic Sea). With a click on a highlighted area, you get important information related to that shooting-area, e.g. how shootings are made attend and how you have to behave.

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