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SVB - water sport is our passion

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Aside from active water sportsmen you will find assistance from a lot of other boating experts at SVB:

  • Boat builders
  • Master machine builders
  • Technicians
  • Electronics technicians
  • Naval architects and engineers
  • Sail makers
  • Splicer / Rigger

...give us a call (+49-421-57290-0), send us an email (info@portmaps.com) or if possible take a trip to visit our SVB store in Bremen, Northern Germany. We're always looking forward to answer your questions.

SVB - technical specialist for yacht and boat equipment

The purchasing department is constantly looking for innovative products to favorable conditions. Our logistics team carefully packs the goods and sends them out to our customers. Here at SVB we count on a young, dynamic team and hire new apprentices each year. This is a company tradition to pass on our knowledge to young people.

Behind the scenes our marketing department takes care of the design and layout of www.svb.de, places adverts and creates the over 500 pages strong SVB catalog each year. From the images to the cover page, from technical texts to the page layouts – we are in charge and take care to 100 percent.

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